How Frezka Empowers Developers Like You?

Creating a comprehensive salon and spa management software/solution for your clients has never been easier. With Frezka - salon and spa software for developers, you get 100% done-for-you solution right out of the box

Salon and Spa software for Developers | Frezka

Gorgeous UI + Rock-Solid Code = Successful Project

Frezka is the most beautiful looking salon and spa software for developers with a comprehensive set of features
needed to make any Salon & Span booking project a massive success

Salon Software for Developers | Frezka

Carefully Engineered For Developers

Frezka is a built by developers keeping in mind the ease of use for developers.
All the development standards are meticulously followed in script.

Spa Booking App for Developers | Frezka

From Web to Mobile, Embrace the Full Stack Solution

Frezka offers the ultimate package for building a salon software for developers, providing you with all the essential resources for a successful project delivery.

Salon and Spa Software for Developers | Frezka

Easily approve on Play Store & App Store

Our Flutter Apps are built with the all the coding standards essential for approving the apps on Play Store and App Store both.

Spa Booking App for Developers | Frezka

Save $1000s & Time (BigTime)

Frezka software for salons and spas is the result of continuous development over an year. We have carefully implemented all the features in the solution to match today’s needs. Save a ton of money and time both.

Salon Software for Developers | Frezka

Available for Hire [Optional]

We understand each business is different and you may need to modify some features or add new ones. Our experts are here to take up (selective) custom development work for our clients

Salon Software for Developers | Frezka

Backed by a Professional Team Driven by Passion

You can count on us. We are product team with a passion to develop world class products at a affordable price point

Salon Software for Developers | Frezka

Unparalleled Tech Support

Our tech support team is always here to answer any questions or queries you may have. We provide fast and friendly assistance to troubleshoot any issue that may arise while using the product.

Salon Software for Developers | Frezka

We Are Loved By 35,000+ Developers & Individuals Like You

Our customers around the globe have openly shown love for the product and our customer service


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